"Music has always been an integral part of my life. I’ve always known that my life was dedicated to music."

Catalina was born in Bucharest, Romania. From the age of 10, she has had solos in professional choirs. At 12 years old, not only she participated in many concerts, but she caught the eye of organizers of a tv show for children.


At the beginning of her singing carrier in Québec, she was noticed by the head of the music department of Université de Montréal. She continued her classical training at Vanier College, McGill University in Montréal and at Laval University in Québec City.

She perfected her classical technique under the supervision of the head of the music department of McGill University, Thérèse Sevadjan. Since 2014, she has been working with her vocal trainer and mentor, Benoit Sarrasin.


With the support of Centre d’art la Chapelle and several local politicians,  Catalina produced two shows under her own name:  « Le refrain de ma vie » on May 8, 2014 and « Rayons d’espoir » on May 21, 2015.


Catalina is currently working with Benoit Sarrasin to produce several others shows, one of which is a piano-voice concert at Place des Arts, Montréal.


On May 25, 2016 Catalina took the stage at the L’Anglicane, Lévis, in the show called «Contre le temps». On Septembre 10, 2016, she staged a benefit concert called «Soleil d’automne». A few months later, she would perform  again on the stage of the concert hall LaScène Lebourgneuf in the show «Rêve de Noel ».


In November 2016 and September 2017 she performed in several shows in Nouveau-Brunswick.


On June 24, Catalina‘s busy 2017 summer season started with a bang when she was invited to perform at the « Un Goût de Caraïbes » festival, in Montréal’s Old Port.


On June 27 2017, Catalina‘s music itinerary took her to Lévis, Québec where she participated in the inaugural production of  the show« SURFACE » in front of almost 10,000 viewers.


In September 2017 she had been invited  to perform for the gala dinner « Bal en Blanc», held by Québec STYLE PROD. Following that, she was welcomed on the main stage of the  festival « Mondokarnaval ». 


For the complete schedule of the artist and her future events, please visit the section  Shows on our website.


In the near future, she will perform in several shows in her native country, Romania, in collaboration with local artists.


She loves to show her passion for music. She is organizing a new singing contest in Québec called Montre-Nous Ta Voix! to introduce amateur artists to the excitements of the stage.  The Québec artists Valérie Clio et Valade and the director of the festival «Mondokarnaval» Doina Balzer had collaborated on the successful completion of the first edition of the contest. The final of this first edition concluded on June 18, 2017, at District St-Joseph in Québec City.

Some photos and videos of the candidates can be found here.


During her artistic carrier, Catalina participated in several radio and tv interviews. She has been collaborating with artists with artists from Romania, France and Québec to lay the groundwork for her future artistic endeavors


So, Catalina continues to mesmerize the public with her powerful voice which can be soft and warm at the same time. People always say she shine a ray of light in their life with her voice, her smile and her personality.